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Protection of personal data: privacy policy for Customers and Suppliers.

The information contained in this document is provided to fulfill the transparency obligations set out in EU Rules No. 679 dated 27.4.2016 on the protection of personal data.

The EU 2016/679 Rules requires to provide information on the processing of data to the persons whose data are collected, in a concise form and with simple and clear language. Articles 12, 13 and 14 of the Rules specify the content of the information to be communicated. This document therefore serves to communicate to you what is foreseen. In this document you are also identified as "concerned".

The Data Holder is Tecnowerk Plast S.r.l. of Arsiè

Data Holder is the one who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. In the contractual or pre-contractual relationship of this company, the Data Holder is:
Tecnowerk Plast S.r.l., with headquarters and place of contact:
Via Angelo Arboit, 1 - 32030 Arsiè (BL) ITALY.

The processing of your personal data is mandatory and necessary for the management of the contractual or pre-contractual relationship.

The purposes for which the data are collected is related to the management of contracts for works or services for pre-contractual activities, for tax obligations and any other obligations laid down by law, by rules, by EC law or by an order of the competent authority (such as anti-money laundering) and to exercise the rights of the holder, for example the right to defense in court.
The legal basis for data processing is included in the rules governing the conduct of economic activities.
The data collected will be used, by computer, telematics and in paper documents. The processing operations are carried out in such a way as to guarantee the logical, physical security and confidentiality of your personal data. The data must be mandatorily conferred, under penalty of impossibility to stipulate and therefore to manage the contract. The data processed do not include particular categories of data, but only common data.

Your data will also be communicated to institutions, companies and external persons.

Your data will be consulted and used, according to the directives and internal procedures, by the personnel in charge of this Company, including collaborators (also external), for the performance of the assigned tasks. The data will also be communicated to third-party companies or other subjects (as an indication, credit institutes, professional firms, consultants, insurance companies for the provision of insurance services, etc.) that carry out service supply activities on behalf of the Holder, in their capacity as external managers of the treatment.
They will also be communicated to the subjects identified by law or by another binding regulatory act. These subjects will treat the data in their capacity as independent data holders.
The updated list of public and private entities that may be aware of your data is kept at the registered office of the Data Holder. The company does not intend to transfer your data abroad. If in the future this need or the opportunity is identified, the transfer will take place only in the presence of an adequacy decision of the European Commission or, in the case of transfers referred to in Article 46 (Transfer subject to adequate guarantees) or 47 (Binding corporate rules), or in Article 49 (Derogations in specific situations), second paragraph, only in the presence of express reference to appropriate guarantees and to the means to obtain a copy of such data or the place where they were made available.

We will keep your data in the company for at least 10 years after the termination of the economic relationship.

For the conservation obligations required by tax law, your data will be kept for 10 years after the year of the last economic transaction.
After that date and before proceeding to their destruction, the opportunity to further preserve the data will be evaluated. The data may also be retained for your protection or for the protection of this company in the case of legal actions, until the end of the period within which the legal action may be exercised or until the end of the judgments, in the event of a dispute in progress.

The Rules recognize the rights, set out in articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 34, which are summarized here below, and the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor.

The Regulations specify the rights of the data subject which are summarized here below.

  • Art. 15 - Right of access
    The interested party has the right to obtain from the data holder confirmation as to whether or not he is undergoing the processing of personal data concerning him and, in this case, to obtain access to these data and information regarding the treatment.

  • Art. 16 - Right of correction
    The data subject has the right to obtain from the data controller the correction of inaccurate personal data concerning him without undue delay. Taking into account the purposes of the processing, the data subject has the right to obtain the integration of incomplete personal data, also by providing an additional declaration.

  • Art. 17 - Right to cancellation (right to oblivion)
    The data subject has the right to obtain from the data holder the deletion of personal data concerning him without undue delay and the data holder is obliged to cancel the personal data without undue delay if the reasons listed in the same article exist.

  • Art. 18 - Right to limit the processing
    The interested party has the right to obtain from the data holder the limitation of processing when the hypotheses listed in the same article occur (for example, when the accuracy of the data is contested or when the data are necessary for the exercise or defense of a law in court).

  • Art. 19 - Obligation of notice in case of rectification or cancellation of personal data or limitation of processing
    The data holder shall inform each of the recipients to whom the personal data have been transmitted of any correction or cancellation or limitation of the processing carried out in accordance with Article 16, Article 17 (1) and Article 18, unless this proves to be impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. The data holder informs the interested party of these recipients if the data subject requests it.

  • Art. 20 - Right to data portability
    The data subject has the right to receive, in a structured, commonly used and automatically readable form, the personal data concerning him / her provided to a data holder and has the right to transmit such data to another data holder without impediments from the data holder who supplied them. In exercising its rights relating to the portability of data in accordance with paragraph 1, the data subject has the right to obtain direct transmission of personal data from one holder to another, if technically feasible.

  • Art. 21 - Opposition right
    The interested party has the right to oppose at any time, for reasons connected with his particular situation, to the processing of his personal data pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 1, letters e) or f) (tasks of public interest and pursuit of legitimate interest), including profiling on the basis of these provisions.

  • Art. 22 - Automated decision-making process concerning individuals, including profiling
    The data subject has the right not to be subjected to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning him or which significantly affects his person.

  • Art. 34 - Communication of a violation of personal data to the concerned party
    When the violation of personal data is likely to present a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the individuals, the data holder communicates the violation to the interested party without undue delay

To exercise your rights, please send an email to the following address: privacy@tecnowerk.it.

In the event that you believe that you have not been recognized your rights summarized above or in case of unjustified delay, you have the possibility to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data. On the site of the Guarantor will find the model for the complaint (www.garanteprivacy.it).